80% of all medical data is unstructured.
Uncover insights hidden in aggregated medical data,
by making your patient's health records searchable and have them presented in an organized manner.

Reduce diagnostic errors

Don't miss the obvious

Our mission is to erradicate the most common, most costly and most dangerous of all medical mistakes: Error of diagnosis.
Asimov extracts valuable information from unstructured patient records. Because once the relevant facts are presented, you can see a lot by just looking.

Get a sense of where your patient is heading

Every patient encounter, captured in a medical record, is a snapshot of a person's medical history. Asimov brings these individual parts together from disparate sources to create an integrated picture of the patient. This provides doctors with an opportunity to interact with information on a temporal dimension, and to make a timely diagnosis.

Less time looking at the screen, more time with patients

The cursory glance through a long medical record is time-consuming, error-prone and leaves less time for doctor-patient interaction. Asimov puts an end to physicians being forced to make clinical decisions with incompletely digested information and allows them to access evidence needed to make the right diagnosis.


We work with physicians, hospitals, universities and commercial organizations

Asimov develops software in the healthcare field to simplify and enhance the work of doctors, researchers and epidemiologists. We love to partner with great hospitals, companies and individual physicians to solve hard problems in their respective fields. We cultivate an open exchange of ideas with our partners and we are always interested in collaborating on clinical trials with partners in government, academia and business.

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